Who I am

Sound Engineer and Music Producer
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Music has been my passion since before I could even pronounce the word (me at six years old: "more muggik!"). I have a background playing saxophone, but what drew me into music technology was the all too common experience of attending a local show, and listening to yet another band sounding dull over the front of house loudspeakers. It occurred to me that if the musicians were talented, there must be a missing ingredient preventing their sound and creativity from shining through. That led me to learn about compressors and gates, gain structure and limiters, sound propagation and relection. I bought a Yamaha 12-channel soundboard, and jumped in.

Since that time I've run intimate performances in basements, all the way to large productions in a 1,400 seat auditorium. What I bring is an attention to how the musician hears themselves that stems from having learned and worked hand-in-hand with them from the beginning.

Shoot me a message and let's see what kind of sonic excellence and emotional movement we can create together.

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Shows & Projects

A brief history


Rhythm Rapscallions

While living in Ann Arbor, MI, I began learning music production skills, and in tandem used what I had learned to work with a friend's band. The problem with their sound was they were not using a mixing board to process the signals from the microphones and instruments. So I chose a 12-channel Yamaha sound mixer to sit in between the musicians and the speaker, which allowed me to smooth and reduce the over-driven volume and create a balance where each instrument could be heard clearly.

Other Work

By the end of the year I had also finished production on my own original work, and ran a live performance on a 32-channel Midas board for an audience of 1,400. In the latter case, it gave me the experience with pro audio equipment that I never expected to have starting out as a hobby.


Boomtown Church

A local church plant in Grand Rapids was having trouble getting their second-hand mixer board to work consistently, and weren't sure what to do. After running a few peformances for them, I chose a replacement 16-channel Presonus digital mixing board that fit within budget and provided key processing controls needed for a full band performance. Afterward, I ran the sound for their performances for about 18 months, and created, produced and mastered their podcast.

Sound Reinforccement

During the summer, I picked up a few gigs running intimate acoustic shows in outdoor venues.

Studio Work

I completed recording and producing my second piece of original work.


Sound Reinforcement

I ran a few intimate house concerts featuring an eclectic set of instruments and voices, and stepped in to run the performances for various local churches. The most challenging was a last minute call for a 100 person show, but familiarity with the Midas pro equipment allowed me to step in smoothly and produce a high quality mix.

Studio Work

I began working co-writing and producing with local artists during jam sessions at my home studio.


Studio Work

Recorded, mixed, and produced a four-track EP for a local artist. I also worked in several jam sessions with other artists, and began producing a track for an out of town artist, as well as began work on my third original piece.


I consulted on two podcasts, and taught recording and production technology to each.

First Covenant Church

I reconfigured the front of house hardware and set gain stages for the complete signal chain. I also ran performances and set a benchmark configuration for the 48-channel Roland digital mixing board.